Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad world!

Hi Everyone!

I won't even begin to try to explain why I fell off the "blog map" problems are so irrelevant in comparison to the current events of the world.

Should I try to give details of what I have been dealing with, it would seem selfish and self-absorbed! In a word, I'm "fine" energy and thoughts are focused on Japan and the horror that the people of Japan are living! Therefore, I refuse to talk about my problems.

On a brighter note, I have some photo's to share with all of you! I will update you on the progress of my broken leg and fill you in on the "random but relevant (to me)" events of my life since I last posted.

Let's get the broken leg out of the way. It will be 7 weeks on March 18th, since I took the tumble out of my wheelchair. I have gone over the "incident" with a fine tooth comb and in conclusion, the responsibility for damages lies with both human error (caused by yours truly) and Spanx. Simply put, I was operating non-heavy machinery, ignoring the clear and present danger because I was focused on feeding my addiction to caffeine. Yes, my desire to brew a fresh ground pot of coffee clouded my judgement, I was moving too fast, talking to cats and lost control of the aforementioned non-heavy machinery, ie, my wheelchair. Guilty.

Now here's where my Spanx must be held, in part, responsible. Spanx, when worn without proper top layer clothing, for example, pants, become very slick! When worn without pants, my Spanx cause a dangerous, non-traction zone between my butt and my wheelchair cushion. So these two factors when combined, created the perfect moment for me to slide out of my chair when my wheel caught the edge of the floor molding!

My bones are not healing, but, there is hope! I start ultrasound treatments on the broken bones this Friday. This procedure is promising the potential for new bone growth.

I'm still flat on my back, foot elevated and working very hard to stay positive :)

The following photo's are one of my outings to the doctor's office. We had about 15 inches of snow and my eldest son taxied me to and from. He derived great joy by passing the more sane, cautious drivers on the I, sat griping the "oh Jesus" handle, white knuckled.

On to the next subject! The people and other things that come to visit me during my vacation in bed :)

I consider myself a very wealthy woman. I am rich in friends and people who come to see me, bring me food, and call just to let me know they are thinking of me. 

My dear friend Jenni is an angel here on earth. Jen is always ready to assist me in any way possible ...she has been known to stop by at just the right moment and fill my heart with happiness! Here is a photo of a little surprise she stopped by with last week:

Isn't that baby chick the cutest thing?! Jen raises chickens and had just gotten several new chicks, stopped by to show me and couldn't have timed it more perfectly! I was feeling pretty blue that day but the combination of Jenni, her partner J.J., the baby chick and a prompt "plop" of chicken poop on my chest, did wonder's for my mood! I love you Jen!

Current event's: I've been pretty much glued to the T.V. for several days now, watching the ever-changing scenario of what is going on in Japan. First and foremost, my thoughts and all good energy is in constant flow to the people in Japan. The world should take a lesson from the people there on how to "manage" in the face of adversity! No looting, no rudeness, no entitlement...just composure, compassion for their neighbors, patience and perseverance!

Nukes, radiation and subterfuge? I won't get political here...all I will say is, I have my potassium iodide tablets and an emergency preparedness supply...just in case. I'd rather be prepared and proactive, instead of following blindly. What I want more than anything, is to be wrong!

For current breaking news, I like to visit the Drudge Report. I have linked it here for you if you are interested.

I know this is a long post, and long over-due, so I will close now with one last photo of a hero who is near and dear to my heart. Meet Jared- he is my daughter Chy's boyfriend and Marine who is currently deployed to Afghanistan. Here is a little something he did during some off-time:

I hope you are all well~


  1. Sharon, good to hear from you. Hope the treatment works on your leg. What a cute fuzzy visitor you had!

  2. Sharon I'm so glad to hear from you but I'm so sorry that things are healing like they should. It is true about the poor people in Japan. They are remarkable. I loved the pictures and they reminded me why I'm glad I returned back east from Idaho all those years ago. Cold and snowy!! Take care of yourself and keep us posted. I missed you!

  3. It is great to hear from you! I was getting worried. I really hope your leg gets better, and I would totally blame it on the spanx and moving molding... no human error there :)

    Your daughter's boyfriend is adorable!

  4. I'm glad to hear from you again. I pray the ultrasound will help your leg. Your son drives like my oldest daughter, who scares me to death. I love the pic from your daughter's boyfriend! So wonderful. God bless.

  5. OMG Girl - I had gone into "Sharon Withdrawal". Don't do that to us. I thought you might have took off down the road in your hot set of wheels checking out what was over the horizon. Hope the ultrasound does the trick for you. If you get an opportunity, and my guess would be that you will, check out my blog. I've been busy and there are some good pictures on there to share. Well, gorgious, take care of yourself and let us see more of you, OK? We really have missed you, A LOT!!!
    :-) Odie

  6. I am so glad to see you blogging again - I have been worried about you! sandie

  7. Hey, glad to see your okay..(..well, kinda okay, that is..)...sorry to hear that your bones aren't healing like they should be! Bummer! (I'll continue to send hugs and prayers your way, friend!) You're so upbeat, with all that is happened and is happening in YOUR world. I think you're awesome and I certainly would not expect an explaination as to why you've been missing in action in the blog world lately! (We all fall off of the map once in awhile, so no long as you're back and as long as you're OKAY.) (smiles)

    Japans devastation is terrible and makes our problems seem so very small in comparison, I agree!

    I love the little chick (by the way)...sorry to hear he pooped on your chest! :):)

  8. This is a great post! I quite love your profile write-up. Clearly your optimism about life is impressive.
    Now, I, on the other hand, am selfish and yeah...kind of ashamed of myself now...

  9. This is the most refreshing blog I have recently discovered, from the Spanx to the chicken poop. I am happy you joined my blog, please visit often.

  10. Hi Sharon,
    Sandie told me about your blog. I think your attitude is amazing. I have started a blog that highlights people who see blessings in times of disappointment. I think this post would be great for our contest. Take a look.

  11. Hi Everyone!
    Thanks for your comments and for not giving up on me!
    It's great to hear from you all.
    I hope you enjoyed the first day of Spring! It was awesome here....light snow, a mix of rain, winds, some styrofoam balls even fell from the sky...I think our Summer might be interesting!
    Take care~

  12. awe! a baby chick :) that would have surely made me feel better too.