Saturday, January 29, 2011

Huge Thank You!

Hi Everyone!

I'm feeling a little under the weather today, the drugs are not sitting well :) I will post more later today or tomorrow, but needed to let all of you know how much I appreciate the visits and comments! My heart is very full!

A special shout-out to Bouncin' Barb for sending her people over. I will be providing links for everyone in my next post.

I was given a blog award too! I will post that also.

You have brightened my days and spirit more than I can express!

I'll be back as soon as "Chuck", first name "Up" decides to leave me alone!

Take care xo

Friday, January 28, 2011

And That's How I Roll....

Hi People :)

I've had a bit of excitement over the past few days, which accounts for my lack of posts. I'm sorry for that.

As most of you know, I use a wheelchair due to an accident 33 years ago resulting in the loss of the use of my legs. Well, I fell out of my chair (not a regular thing for me), and ended up breaking my left leg in two places and my ankle. I have now entered the realm of "Super Gimped-Up".

All of this is sort of tricky because I have a temporary cast on my leg and foot which will only remain on until the swelling goes down. I am very limited in my mobility now, heck, I am not mobile at all! I can't let my foot point down towards the floor because if it swells any further it could constrict blood-flow to the foot and since I can't feel my foot, I wouldn't know the circulation has stopped, which could result in losing my foot completely...I don't want that to happen!

I am waiting to hear from the orthopaedic surgeon to find out what the next step will be in this process. I'm fairly certain it will be a real cast, to be worn for a very long time. I'll take photos!

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted!

The silver lining in this is, thank goodness I didn't break my arm! I'd have a heck of a time trying to wheel my chair with one hand...I'd just go in circles!

Take care everyone :)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Music, Company and Food~ Sunday

Today started off great and has stayed that way. Life is good!

My youngest daughter, one half of my twins, is home and we are going to cook... okay, okay, she is going to cook. I am going to keep her company and clean.

We are blasting good music and chatting it up. I love days like this!

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spiders, Cognac and a Movie

Hi People!

I guess the Universe decided it was time for me to have a visit from the migraine demon. This one was not a "doozie" but close... I lost two days, but I'm feeling great again! The good thing about migraines for me is, mine don't last forever. I can wait it out because so far, they have always gone away after a few days, Yay!

My last post was about my wheelchair... I needed to tell you that story so you could understand this post better and have a good "visual" to accompany the post.

So one night, in the very recent past, I had finished my duties of feeding TJ the dog, letting him out to relieve himself for the night (a futile effort, he wakes me at 2AM to go out again... always), I fed the cats, made sure the lizards had water, turned off all the lights, mulled over a snack choice, decided against one, made my way to my bedroom to settle in, under a cozy blanket in bed and watch a movie. Perfect!

The movie is "The Big Chill", it's a favorite of mine. I'm not sure why really. None of my old friend's and I have ever gotten together over a funeral, spent a weekend having sex, doing drugs and fulfilling past fantasies ... notice I left out the drinking, that has happened, but not after a funeral! Okay, so you get the picture, I'm comfortable, and enjoying my movie.

By now, I am saying everyone's lines with them (I really do know the movie that well), I'm very content with life at this moment in time, until.... out of my lower peripheral vision (is there such a thing?), I see something moving across my chest. It's large, it's dark and yes, I look's a big-ass, hairy, disgusting SPIDER! 

Now let's just stop for a moment. What would you do? I'm assuming you have two leg's that actually move when you want them to. If I had two leg's that responded to the command's my brain is, at this point, screaming to said leg's, I would have created a sonic boom from moving so fast! The spider would have died a much swifter death and this scene would have lasted but a few seconds!

Well, (insert sarcastic laugh here) thats not how this event took place.

No, see even after thirty three years of my leg's going on strike, my first instinct is "leg's move, run like the wind"...pause...nothing happen's, the spider is starting to move into the covers now. I'm moving on to plan "B" at this point which consists of arms flailing wildly, my mouth forming the words "Oh shit, now where is it!, Oh shit, It's under the cover's!"... remember, I'm still laying flat on my back, leg's laying perfectly still, and God bless my arm's they are now beating the blanket and then throwing it off the bed, onto the floor! It's not over....

I reach for my wheelchair, it's parked right beside my bed. I pull myself up into a sitting position to better scan the floor for spider remain's, I put my left hand down onto the bed to balance myself and what does my hand land on? The SPIDER! More screaming ensues, more profanity, and still, my leg's resting peacefully in place on the dare they!

So now I fling the spider off the edge of the bed and I feel goo on my hand. I look, it's SPIDER FLUID! and TWO LEGS! More screaming, more profanity.

As I recover and gather my composure, I reach for the handy wipes and hand sanitizer beside my bed. I lean over the edge of my bed, reaching under the bed for the bottle of Hennessy that I keep there. After enjoying a nice big swig of that ever-so-smooth Cognac, I look at the big, hairy, disgusting but dead, spider and say "tell your friend's to be afraid, be very afraid!" ... I freaking HATE spiders!

I won, no thanks to the legs, but I still love my leg's, even if they are just ornamental.

I would gladly endure more mosquito's if it meant we could live without spiders.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gravity Helps...

I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that I didn't fall off the planet...hello, gravity?! It's impossible to "fall off the planet", Isaac Newton taught us, that it all has to do with mass, and distance, the earth and the sun...and some other shit that I don't really recall right now, but hey, if you need to know, just Google it.

Seriously though, I've had my "Grandma" hat on for the past few days, so I've limited my online activity. I love that hat and when it's on my head, nothing else really matter's.

I've got a few thing's saved up to write about though, so I am letting you know that more posts are imminent! 

To say "thank you" to those of you that have done me the honor of clicking that "follow" button, seem's inadequate, but I do thank you and I'm thrilled to share "my blonde moments" with you!

In my first post, I promised to explain the "wheelchair", and I think now would be a good time to get this taken care of.

This will be the condensed version, as it is very old news for me, none the less, it is very "relevant" to the parts that make me, Sharon, the person I am. In all honesty, my wheelchair has shaped the person I am today and it is very near and dear to my heart.

When I was nineteen, I married my love. The wedding was at my best friend Tracy's,  parent's home. No, it was not a shotgun wedding! I was not pregnant, I really was in love.

I was living away from my "love", and was pursuing my dream of becoming a stewardess for an airline based in Dallas, Texas. The year was 1978.

This must be included (also condensed), I decided to "kill two birds with one stone" (because I was young and broke) when I was subpoena'd by the State of Idaho to appear in a criminal trial as a witness for the State (ugh, another long story)... this way I could help my best friend and get married, then return to Texas with my husband and start our life together! Yay!

This is where a sound effect would come in handy...I would choose the sound of a turntable needle scratching rapidly across a record. For those of you too young to know what that is, I'm sorry, you missed out on that. Any who, back to my story... "Life" had a different plan for me, so twelve days after my wedding day, I was involved in a car wreck. 

Fast forwarding through the tears, anguish, and other fall-out from the wreck, I ended up losing the use of my legs because I was thrown from the truck, breaking my back in three places. The "silver lining" for me, was, although the first break was at my chest level, it could have been just a bit higher and I would have lost the use of my hands.

There is so much more to this story, and maybe over time, bit's and pieces will be "relevant" to some other story, so you might hear "more" on this subject in the future... I'm fairly certain you will!

Now, would be a good time for you to see me with my life-long best friend. We have been through a lot, both together, and apart, so please - Meet Tracy and a bit more of me:
The photo is at her wedding in Vegas a few years ago... yes, she is on my lap. The two of us are, a party, waiting to happen!

So there you have it. I didn't fall off the planet, you can Google all you ever wanted to know about gravity, I have used a wheelchair for almost thirty three years, and you've met my best friend that has been a constant in my life who, well frankly, I just don't know what my life would be like without her!

So I will leave you with this thought... Who the HELL decided that spider's were a good thing?! That might seem "random", but trust me, it's "relevant"... to my next post :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watching Cooking Show's....Can't Cook

I do this every day. I have the TV on, usually with the volume turned down low, but not so low that I can't hear what is being said. I work on my computer, listen and look at the TV from time to time to see what the TV Chef's have to say. My objective? Well... maybe, just maybe, some of those cooking skills will enter my body through osmosis .....

I love to see all the fabulous, mouth-watering meals that these people can "easily" (using that term loosely!) throw together. And I think..."Ooooo I'm going to try to make that!" of course, I know I won't because ... want to know what I have in my fridge at this moment? Here, I'll show you!

Now a "cook" might look in my fridge and say there's enough ingredients in there to whip up a feast! Oh, I beg to differ... Probably 80% of the item's in my fridge are expired, and now that I have exposed the interior of my fridge to the online world, all I really see is that I need to clean!

The drawer's have fresh broccoli, tangerines, Ruby-Red grapefruits, red grapes and a "mondo" bag of carrots...all of which are edible. 

So tonight I won't be fooled by Rachael Ray's claim's of "thirty minute meals", no, I've got her dinner will take three minutes and I will be full and satisfied with something I grab out of the old "ice-box"... the vision is already forming, it will have something to do with Tillamook cheese, already sliced.
Sorry "Rache" .... no, I'm really not sorry :)

Oh WOW! My day just got better! I see on the bottom shelf, in the dark recesses of the back of my fridge, there's a bottle of Mudslide! Alcohol doesn't go bad, does it? 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4:28AM and the cat decides it's time for some petting...Really?

I suppose one advantage to the end of my fifteen year relationship with the father of my children is the fact that "his" side of the queen size bed is now occupied by my laptop, which comes in handy at moments like right now.

At 4:28AM (according to my iPhone, also residing on "his" side of the bed), my daughter Brit's cat, Nalah, decided that this time of the morning would be a good time to demand love and affection from me....who I might add was sleeping peacefully.

Why is it that a little four pound cat can cause so much discomfort to a woman's chest when she decides to walk across said chest? Those tiny paws can hit pressure points that just about send me through the roof! But Nalah is smart and obviously knows that if she walks across my chest, I will in fact, wake up.

So here I am... wide awake. Nalah got her five minutes of attention and has wandered off to other rooms in the house, probably finding a nice place to curl up and sleep until daylight arrives.

What to do....

Here's what I did:

I watched Flashmob videos... Thank you YouTube!

I guess I'll go make coffee, and thank you Nalah for causing a chain reaction that is making today begin with a smile....let's go grind the beans. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.....

Monday, January 10, 2011's a good day!

Today started out in the usual manner. My alarm went off, some of you have the same or similar alarms I'm sure. My alarm comes in the form of two elderly orange Tabby cat's (brother's), Leo and Donny. Followed by the "snooze button" - TJ, my black Lab, wanting to be let outside to pee and not to be outdone, Nalah, my daughter's cat (I'm cat-sitting indefinitely) insist's on getting under my cover's to lay on my chest, purring and drooling.

I waited as long as possible, but TJ is about ready to cross his legs to keep from having an accident, so I assured him "I'm getting up, okay, okay!" and slide off the bed into my wheelchair (yes wheelchair, it's a long story, I will get around to telling you)and I make my way to the kitchen area where the deck door is. TJ leading the way along with Donny, Leo, and Nalah, the cat's don't need to pee, they just think they are starving.

I made my coffee...I'm some-what of a coffee snob, so I have to grind the beans- Nalah insists on jumping onto the kitchen counter to watch the process, I've given up on trying to train her not to, instead I buy loads of sanitizer wipes.

With coffee in hand, I make my way back to my bedroom/office to enjoy the caffeine, watch Judge Mathis and Judge Jeanine Pirro to see stupid people suing other stupid's a great way to start the day!

Today a woman was suing her "friend with benefits", whom she started sleeping with two weeks after "mourning the death of her fiancĂ©". She is suing him for a cell phone bill...the cell phone she got for him, while "mourning the death of her blah blah blah..". Why do women do these things? Is the sex really that good? I have my doubt's!

So after the stimulating coffee and TV, I turned on my laptop to start my Social Media work. I love my job...I get to work from home, online, no going out into the snow and cold, no commute, and I get to wear my jeans, favorite sweater or tee-shirt and earn a living. I'm fortunate, to say the least!

After completing my Social Media work it was time to own up to my New Year resolution- I vowed that today, January 10, 2011, I would start my workout and by Spring I will no longer have "bat-wings" on my arms. So I did it! Day one of my quest for sculpted arms, done!

I'd like to share with you a funny little post that I found on a blog's about leaches:
It’s Not What You Got, It’s How You Use It.
By Treadmarkz (visit the blog- Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe)
For those of us with disabilities, it is easy to get down on ourselves for what we don’t have. Abilities, skills, functions. Whatever. If you have recently experienced this feeling of dejection, this observation recently made by my wife is for you.
We were thumbing through a book of “useless facts” when we stumbled upon something that turned out to be quite useful. “Leaches have 32 brains,” it read.
To which my wife blithely replied:
“How come they haven’t taken over the world yet?” and “It just goes to show its not the brains you have, its how you use them.” and finally “I mean they’ve got thirty two brains and all they’ve figured out how to do is suck.”
All this before I had mustered up the wit for a single observation of my own.
 And now I think I will leave you with that thought....

Tonight I'm going to watch Brad on The Bachelor and see if any of the women they chose to compete for the affection of that gorgeous hunk of man, has learned how to do anything more with their lives than "just suck".