Monday, March 21, 2011

My Cat~ Morphine, Epsom Salt and Anibiotics

Hi Everyone~

I hope your Spring is stating off good! In Idaho, Spring can be a mix of wind, snow, hail, sleet, sunshine, thaw, freezing rain and even these little round balls of white styro-foam like thingy's that fall from the sky. It's never dull and always promises that better days are soon to come because it can't get worse!

My old orange Tabby cat, Donatello (named after the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) ended up getting one of his claws infected and had to spend the night at the Vet's. They drugged him, cleaned everything up and sent him home bandaged up with instructions for me to administer drugs, wound care and Epsom salt soaks on his foot.

It's amazing just how pliable a cat can be when he is stoned on Morphine! He is the sweetest cat in the house, so it did make my job a bit easier, but there is no way he would have soaked his paw for 20 minutes had there not been mind altering drugs involved! Take a look:

I am happy to report, he is doing fine now, but still needing to be babied and is most happy to lay next to me all day, reaching out with his paw, if I take my hand off of him for more than five minutes! He is such a "male" ...sorry guys, but most of you are terrible patients, it's a fact. Oh, and he no longer has to wear the bandage.

I will be back this afternoon to get your thoughts on my cacti (plural for cactus)...some people have issues with my cacti display in my decide :)

I hope your Monday is a good one! I'm off now to prepare for a work meeting that is taking place in my bedroom...I need to get ready for visitors!


  1. aw, poor little guy! i'm glad he's doing better but there's nothing quite as sad as seeing a little animal all bandaged up.

    that's cute that he wouldn't let you take your hand off him :)

    if i were to ever get a cat it would, in fact, be a tabby! i think they're just about the only cute cats {not really a cat person} but yours is definitely adorable.

    ps. love the name donatello!

  2. Poor little Donatello (love the pics!). Hopefully he will soon be right as rain, and back to normal.

  3. Glad to see you blogging and glad your cat is doing good too! sandie

  4. Ironic isn't it that while you're nursing a wounded leg you're nursing a wounded paw. What a good mommy. He's beautiful. Glad you're up to working at least. Keep us posted. Hugs!

  5. My kitty lved to be 17 and a half. He was my baby. Glad yours is doing better.

  6. Hi Sharon,
    I hope Donatello makes a good recovery. He does looked very chilled out by the drugs....and by the way....if any are left I may have a use for them myself! Our ginger cat Hobie is so old now that he is in a permanently drug induced state....without the drugs. The marvel of old age I guess. Take care

  7. wow, the thought of trying to soak a paw on either one of my cats, even for 2 minutes makes me cringe, so i'm glad you had donatello doped up good to get the job done.
    a bedroom meeting huh? sounds suspicious.

  8. Poor kitty. Don't take your hand off of him. No, no, he needs you!!!! Pet him, pet him and feed him treats by hand. That's right, now you get it. Good pet owner, good girl. Purrrrrr.

  9. Glad he is doing better and healing. He is lucky to have such a good nurse.

  10. Poor kitty. I love cacti and succulents. Let's see em!

  11. your poor kitty. I feel bad.

    And apparently I haven't seen photos of your cacti in your kitchen. tear, tear.

  12. Donatello is doing great! Thanks for the concern :) He is 15 years old and in very good health. The worst part of this ordeal was during the few days he had to stay inside...he loves to go mousing every day.
    All of my animals, well except for the two lizards, have been very god to hang out with me during this broken leg fiasco...they are easy to love :)

    Now I feel the need to clarify my "meeting in my bedroom" this morning. It had nothing to do with anything "racy, trashy, sexual" money changed hands either! Nothing elicit too was simply an innocent staff meeting that came to meet at my house since I cannot get out and about yet. :)
    The cacti photo's have been posted...enjoy!
    Thank you all for the comments! I've missed blogging and I've missed you!