Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Watching Cooking Show's....Can't Cook

I do this every day. I have the TV on, usually with the volume turned down low, but not so low that I can't hear what is being said. I work on my computer, listen and look at the TV from time to time to see what the TV Chef's have to say. My objective? Well... maybe, just maybe, some of those cooking skills will enter my body through osmosis .....

I love to see all the fabulous, mouth-watering meals that these people can "easily" (using that term loosely!) throw together. And I think..."Ooooo I'm going to try to make that!" of course, I know I won't because ... want to know what I have in my fridge at this moment? Here, I'll show you!

Now a "cook" might look in my fridge and say there's enough ingredients in there to whip up a feast! Oh, I beg to differ... Probably 80% of the item's in my fridge are expired, and now that I have exposed the interior of my fridge to the online world, all I really see is that I need to clean!

The drawer's have fresh broccoli, tangerines, Ruby-Red grapefruits, red grapes and a "mondo" bag of carrots...all of which are edible. 

So tonight I won't be fooled by Rachael Ray's claim's of "thirty minute meals", no, I've got her dinner will take three minutes and I will be full and satisfied with something I grab out of the old "ice-box"... the vision is already forming, it will have something to do with Tillamook cheese, already sliced.
Sorry "Rache" .... no, I'm really not sorry :)

Oh WOW! My day just got better! I see on the bottom shelf, in the dark recesses of the back of my fridge, there's a bottle of Mudslide! Alcohol doesn't go bad, does it? 


  1. You could be my twin - I watch cooking shows all day - when I can, hoping it will rub off on me too!

    I love your blog and I'm following you!


  2. Hi Sandie,

    Thanks for the comment and the follow.

    As you can see, my blog is new, but I am not new to blogging. I have another blog that I will post a link to on the side-bar... soon. It's been neglected (the old blog) but only because the subject, Muscle Cars, didn't really allow room for me to blog on all the different things I want to "express" :)

    Anyway, thanks again and I hope you enjoy my efforts in the future :)

  3. This is hiliarious! I love reading you. I rarely turn on the TV and sad that I don't....I miss so much. My sister always watches cooking shows....she has improved so much.

  4. Yes alcohol goes had better drink it right away. I don't care if it is still morning. It could turn by noon.

  5. I'm not alone! A pantry full of food but "nothing to make for dinner tonight..."

    Now I want a mudslide...

  6. I want applause in my kitchen when I cook. That's what I want. :) Thanks for the follow! Will follow back.

  7. Sharon, this was really funny. This is my first visit to your blog but I can guarantee it won't be the last. I hope you enjoy your 3 minute meal with vintage Mudslide. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  8. There's plenty of good shit in that fridge. I could make something out of it, and I'm a bloody idiot! Mind you, you need to ditch all that Slimfast crap. With that gone, there's room for vodka.

  9. have all made me smile :)

    @Hope- thanks and your sister must be smarter than I am!

    @Lori- I took your advice and in just the nick of time I'm sure! I was drunk, but not wasteful. Mom would have been proud.

    @the nice one- I'll invite you over for dinner and share next time :)

    @Kristy- I applaud anyone who cooks, o long as it isn't me having to do the cooking!

    @Mary- I loved how you made this seem a bit classy by using the term "vintage mudslide" sounds much less "seedy" somehow :)

    @the idiot gardener- The Slimfast goes well with vodka and I don't gain any weight!