Monday, January 10, 2011's a good day!

Today started out in the usual manner. My alarm went off, some of you have the same or similar alarms I'm sure. My alarm comes in the form of two elderly orange Tabby cat's (brother's), Leo and Donny. Followed by the "snooze button" - TJ, my black Lab, wanting to be let outside to pee and not to be outdone, Nalah, my daughter's cat (I'm cat-sitting indefinitely) insist's on getting under my cover's to lay on my chest, purring and drooling.

I waited as long as possible, but TJ is about ready to cross his legs to keep from having an accident, so I assured him "I'm getting up, okay, okay!" and slide off the bed into my wheelchair (yes wheelchair, it's a long story, I will get around to telling you)and I make my way to the kitchen area where the deck door is. TJ leading the way along with Donny, Leo, and Nalah, the cat's don't need to pee, they just think they are starving.

I made my coffee...I'm some-what of a coffee snob, so I have to grind the beans- Nalah insists on jumping onto the kitchen counter to watch the process, I've given up on trying to train her not to, instead I buy loads of sanitizer wipes.

With coffee in hand, I make my way back to my bedroom/office to enjoy the caffeine, watch Judge Mathis and Judge Jeanine Pirro to see stupid people suing other stupid's a great way to start the day!

Today a woman was suing her "friend with benefits", whom she started sleeping with two weeks after "mourning the death of her fiancĂ©". She is suing him for a cell phone bill...the cell phone she got for him, while "mourning the death of her blah blah blah..". Why do women do these things? Is the sex really that good? I have my doubt's!

So after the stimulating coffee and TV, I turned on my laptop to start my Social Media work. I love my job...I get to work from home, online, no going out into the snow and cold, no commute, and I get to wear my jeans, favorite sweater or tee-shirt and earn a living. I'm fortunate, to say the least!

After completing my Social Media work it was time to own up to my New Year resolution- I vowed that today, January 10, 2011, I would start my workout and by Spring I will no longer have "bat-wings" on my arms. So I did it! Day one of my quest for sculpted arms, done!

I'd like to share with you a funny little post that I found on a blog's about leaches:
It’s Not What You Got, It’s How You Use It.
By Treadmarkz (visit the blog- Leaving Treadmarkz Across the Universe)
For those of us with disabilities, it is easy to get down on ourselves for what we don’t have. Abilities, skills, functions. Whatever. If you have recently experienced this feeling of dejection, this observation recently made by my wife is for you.
We were thumbing through a book of “useless facts” when we stumbled upon something that turned out to be quite useful. “Leaches have 32 brains,” it read.
To which my wife blithely replied:
“How come they haven’t taken over the world yet?” and “It just goes to show its not the brains you have, its how you use them.” and finally “I mean they’ve got thirty two brains and all they’ve figured out how to do is suck.”
All this before I had mustered up the wit for a single observation of my own.
 And now I think I will leave you with that thought....

Tonight I'm going to watch Brad on The Bachelor and see if any of the women they chose to compete for the affection of that gorgeous hunk of man, has learned how to do anything more with their lives than "just suck".


  1. Hello! Nice to meet you! Your orange brother kittrs look like my Milo.
    see you again-soon, Cheryl

  2. Hi Cheryl and thanks for stopping by, commenting and following!

    I love the cat's, they are named after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, by my youngest son, who is now almost 19.

    I look forward to reading your blog.