Tuesday, January 11, 2011

4:28AM and the cat decides it's time for some petting...Really?

I suppose one advantage to the end of my fifteen year relationship with the father of my children is the fact that "his" side of the queen size bed is now occupied by my laptop, which comes in handy at moments like right now.

At 4:28AM (according to my iPhone, also residing on "his" side of the bed), my daughter Brit's cat, Nalah, decided that this time of the morning would be a good time to demand love and affection from me....who I might add was sleeping peacefully.

Why is it that a little four pound cat can cause so much discomfort to a woman's chest when she decides to walk across said chest? Those tiny paws can hit pressure points that just about send me through the roof! But Nalah is smart and obviously knows that if she walks across my chest, I will in fact, wake up.

So here I am... wide awake. Nalah got her five minutes of attention and has wandered off to other rooms in the house, probably finding a nice place to curl up and sleep until daylight arrives.

What to do....

Here's what I did:

I watched Flashmob videos... Thank you YouTube!

I guess I'll go make coffee, and thank you Nalah for causing a chain reaction that is making today begin with a smile....let's go grind the beans. Here kitty, kitty, kitty.....


  1. This post cracked me up.....so funny that the cat that woke you up is your daughters....oh the things we do for our kids....never ending.

  2. Hi Hope and thanks for posting a comment.
    If I made you smile, then I'm happy :)


  3. I love this kind of stuff - thanks. sandie

  4. oh my gosh, my daughter's freakin cat does that to me too! those paws can be so mean when pressing into delicate parts. the last 2 days wee little Nim cat has woken me up by walking straight across my face.