Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hi Everyone~
I feel terrible...there have been a couple of people that sent me messages saying they left an award for me on their blogs...I cannot find them! Oh, my Blonde-ness is in overdrive right now!

If you were one of these oh-so-kind individuals, please send me another note letting me know where your blog is! I feel like a schmuck!

Take Care~


  1. Ooooo! I found one! Thank you "The Words Crafter"!
    Getting right on it!

  2. I once lost three awards, who sent them, and what the rules were, because of computer issues!!! LOL, it's all good :)

  3. When I got my first one I had no idea what to do with it or how to move it until a friendly blogger gave me some advice. Glad you found one of them. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. It is find I have also had these blonde moments. I was one of those oh-so kind individuals.
    This is where you can find it

  5. I have an award over at my place. It is the Blog of Substance Award. You kindly gave me the LOL award a while ago. I appreciate it so much, and I know your blog is one of substance. Here is the page:

  6. I lost several while I moved house. Too busy to reply and I forgot to note who they were from.
    Happens to all of us at some time.