Thursday, February 3, 2011

Being A Slacker Is Overrated!

Hi Everyone!

Finally, I'm feeling better and am ready to take on the world again...from bed.

I'm so thankful that I can still earn a living while being flat on my back. No, I'm not utilizing the "oldest profession in the world", I do Social Media for businesses.

I want to extend another "thank you" to everyone who has stopped by and wished me well and a big "woot woot" for those of you who decided to click the follow button while you were here! The cockles of my heart (no clue what a cockle is) are warmed and content.

Having to spend long periods of time in bed is nothing new to me. I have issues with pressure on my "bum" that I have dealt with for thirty three's just part of my life and I've adjusted to living with it, but, I have not had to be in bed with a cast on my leg before so I am on a learning curve here. It will work out fine though.

My oldest son and his daughter took me to the Orthopaedic doctor on Tuesday so I could have my permanent cast put on and I let my granddaughter choose the color for the cast. She chose Neon Lime Green....I am fairly certain, should I find myself crossing the street with oncoming traffic, the cast will alert driver's from quite a distance.
Now, let me warn you about the next photo. My son took this photo before I had a chance to tidy up my living space, so please excuse the mess. If you look closely, you will see that I have all the essentials within arms reach: iPhone, extension cord for charging all "must have" electronics and technology, my wallet, very useful for the online shopping I will inevitably do, remote controllers, air freshener (thank you TJ-my stinky Lab), snacks, a box of See's chocolates, a TV tray so my "gruel" doesn't end up down the front of me, plenty of mind altering drugs and of course a coffee!

I decided to spare you all the horror of  having to see my bed-head hair, well that and the fact that I am extremely vain, so I put on a beanie:
It is uncertain at this time, just how long I will need to stay flat and keep the leg/foot elevated, but I do know it will be for at least the next two weeks. I go back for more xrays on February 15th so hopefully the Doc will have good news and a timeline for me by then.

Once again, through adversity, I am reminded of how much I love the internet! Thank goodness I have this connection to the outside world! Imagine if one day the internet just went away.....

My circle of friends has grown since I started this blog, I appreciate all of you and want you to know that you brighten my day, lift my spirits and feed my soul. Thanks so much for including me in your life!

I will be blogging daily now, so check back once in a while! Also, I am adding a "favorite blogs" list to my sidebar today to show my appreciation and to let the world know that I follow some awesome bloggers!

"Life is full of events that might be out of our control, how we choose to deal with those events is 100% up to YOU"

Have a great day!


  1. I am hoping for a speedy recovery for you. You look very cozy with your beanie on!
    Your quotation reminds me of Viktor Frankl, who was in a Nazi concentration camp. He said that people can take everything away from you except your choice on how to react.

  2. Hi there. Nice to hear from you again! You certainly look cheerful in that photo, but I'm sure it can't be a bundle of laughs for you really. I love you final comment that "Life is full of events....." What a strong, positive attitude to have, and I admire you for that. I love that lime green cast by the way!

  3. YAY! You've become my 60th Follower - thank you so much!

  4. Well my friend I just got my spirits lifted simply by reading your blog. You are like a shot of vitamins. Glad you have everything under control there and since I am following it will let me know when your next great post hits the internet. I have 10 minutes left in my work day so that is good. Still quite cold here in NC but at least we don't have any snow or ice. Praise God for that. Take care & feel happy thoughts coming from NC.
    Odie :)

  5. "Life is full of events that might be out of our control, how we choose to deal with those events is 100% up to YOU"

    I so agree with you here Sharon, some of these things we go through in life can only break you down if you allow it, I love your outlook and was so tickled to see your blog pop to the top of my list today.

  6. I want to give you a compliment - that smile on your face is beautiful. And it is a smile through adversity.

    I am so impressed.

    BLess you.

  7. So glad you're feeling better. Love the green. It's a lovely color. Good choice granddaughter. If I could find a job I could do from lying on the couch I'd be the happiest girl in the world. That's why I'm applying for disability. Are you hiring? haha. Keep us posted on the progress. Need a handsome man to rub that sore bumm!!! (unless you have one already) Hugs!

  8. Glad to see you are still smiling despite the cast on the leg. I am totally digging the colour! and your living space looks a lot like mine and I am not confined to a bed right now! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  9. you got your game face on and its wonderous

  10. Glad to see a smile on your face. I'm sure I would have a much angrier, annoyed look on mine.

  11. I just want to say that all of you are the best medicine a person could ask for! I like to reply to everyone separately, but my reply today is universal. I'm suddenly hearing that song by Josh Growabrain or growgain or rogaine or whatever his name is.. "You lift me la la la lalaaaaaala!"

    Thank you all :) You really do make my day!
    Take Care~

  12. You look like you are having the time of your life. Being an invalid ain't what it used to be.