Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 1968 Cougar XR7~She's A Beauty!

Hi Everyone~

I would like to introduce you to my obsession, my Summer fun, my escape from the day's that I wish my legs worked, my "hey baby wanna ride?" fantasy. 

In 1968 Playboy magazine said the Cougar XR7 was "the classiest" of new cars that year. 

So please meet "Goldie", my 1968 Cougar!
This car has given me more pleasure over the past several years, so much so, I cannot really put it into words.

I have loved fast cars since I was 10 or 11 years old. I remember my big brother was always tinkering on some ol' hunk of junk that was parked in the driveway when I was growing up. I loved to sit and ask him questions until he would finally get sick of me and send me on my way

My first Cougar I owned was in 1977, it was blue with white leather interior...I was lured away from her by this sassy little Fiat convertible in a moment of weakness. I sold the Cougar to a girlfriend from school and although the Fiat was fun, I always regretted selling that blue Cougar.

In 2004, I found "Goldie", she was parked inside a building in Spokane Washington, where classic cars are sold. I went straight to the bank, got a loan and made arrangements to get her to my home 100 miles away.

I have hand-control's installed (as I do on all my cars), and as soon as Spring starts to show signs of arriving, I call the mechanic and arrange for "Goldie" to be tuned-up and spit-shined, ready to hit the highway!

The air conditioner doesn't work, by choice, I don't really like air conditioning and it would probably cause "Goldie" to overheat anyway. So I pull my hair into a ponytail, put on a baseball cap, grab my shades, turn "Hotel California" by The Eagles up real loud and head out onto the highway! I cannot tell you the thrill I get, but you can see my smile from a mile away!

"Goldie" has a throaty rumble, that, when I pull up to a stop light, if there is a person who loves muscle cars nearby, her rumble will turn heads and the inevitable "thumbs-up" follows from her admirers.

So there you have it... My Goldie. I hope you enjoy the photo's. I promise a video of her first drive this Spring, I'll take you all with me! Of course that means you might have to put up with my singing (never a good thing), I will try to refrain from "cat calls" and whistling at good looking men...oh heck, no I won't, who am I trying to kid?! I promise, you'll get the full package, no editing.

Here's more of "Goldie" - click on the photo's for a larger view:

I hope your Wednesday is a good one!

Oh! I have a couple more Awards to post and pass out, later today :)

Take care~


  1. Goldie is a beauty. We would so get along. I love old cars and Bruce does too. We pick them out in old movies and remember what we had. My favorite was the 72 Dodge Challenger and his was the 69 Corvette 447. You and I need a road trip together. I could see it now.

  2. A beautiful car for a very pretty lady. I am sure you two are some great combination. Can't wait to see pictures of you on a road trip.

  3. Correction....I had a 72 Dodge Charger. Bronze with a White landau roof. She could flyyyyy!

  4. Very nice car, I know you are just itching to get out on the road with her, Cragar SS Mags if I am not mistaken :) I had a set of those on a 72 Gran Torino Sport

  5. wow, I love love love Goldie. Can't wait to hear your singing :)

  6. Whew - nice set of wheels! I can see why you love it. Seems like have a lot of good times in the future. sandie

  7. Love the car, Sharon. I like the roomyness of old cars. They were soooo comfortable. Please, please do have videos of your trips. I love road trips too.

  8. She looks awesome! What a wonderful Spring you will have. Perfect name for her too. ENJOY!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. Great ride to take out for a spin.

  10. Wow. Must say I am most envious about the sun and the fact that there is no snow in those pictures. Happy thursday to you

  11. That Goldie is a very special car, that's for sure. Look at those wonderful leather seats. Can't wait to see that video in the spring!

  12. She is a beaut! I love classic cars. In fact, if you go back in my posts you will find one on Dwight my Jeeper. He unfortunately is a newer one because well my parents wanted me to have something to work for... my dream of owning a Jeep CJ5. The future looks bright though :D

  13. Hey, girlfriend...thanks again for the award the other're the Best! Go check out my new post...I 'shouted out' your blog and told everyone how awesome you are! :):)

  14. That car is...gorgeous! I would be afraid to drive it...*sigh*

  15. oh my...quite a really can't beat a classic!!

  16. MMmmmm, I love old cars, too! A friend (a very interesting lady of 19!) and I were talking about our love of old sports cars-Firebirds, Mustangs, and Camaros. Soooooo cool, your Goldie!

    I have goodies for you on my blog today, and it's nice to meet you!

  17. Hi Everyone~

    Thanks for the compliments on "Goldie" ...I am very fortunate to be able to own a little piece of the 60's :)

    I promise to provide you all with some video this Spring when my Cougar comes out of hibernation.

    @Jimmy- you are spot on with the wheels! I bought those Cragars the second year I had the Cougar. I love the look of that chrome and the rally sport style. I have the original rally sport wheels too, but the Cragars are far better looking!

    Take Care everyone~

  18. "Head out on the highway....lookin for adventure"...(there's a song in that) lol

    Found you through Jenny...A girl who loves a good classic car, hubby would say "that's hot"!

    Enjoy your day=)