Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Current Reality~ In A Nutshell...Blonde

Hi Follower's aka Friend's and you "peep's" who stumble across my blog!

I'm going to give you a rundown of my weekend...hold onto your hat's, pant's, hair, or whatever else might have a tendency to be blown away!

Let's start the weekend with Friday evening/night. A reminder for some who might have forgotten or those of you that are new and just don't know this, yes, I am still sporting a Lime Green cast on the left leg and, I am still only able to get up into my wheelchair for 5-15 minutes twice a day. A not so pretty vision of this blogger should be forming in your mind's eye right about now.

I'm vain, therefore, there will be NO PHOTO's of me until Tuesday, at which time, I will stop following my doctor's orders long enough to wash my hair! My personal hygiene consists of: Washing my face, a "sponge bath", brushing my teeth, brushing my, now disgusting, hair and putting it into a ponytail, applying lotion to my very dry epidermis, and tons of moisturizer to my face! 

I am counting the hours until Tuesday...I have a doctor appointment, so I get to make myself presentable! I know I am in this for the long haul, but fingers crossed, my Doc will tell me I can be up for longer periods of time, thus removing my internal battle of having to choose "should I use the 15 minutes to wash my hair or should I get food for the day?"...obviuosly "food" has been my choice!

So, Friday night~ I had a piece of carrot cake for dinner, watched a marathon of "Million Dollar Listing" (seen on Bravo), that I had recorded on my DVR and I wanted to delete them to make room for more "reality tv" that I am discovering, I'm slightly addicted to. There you have it, that was Friday...I fell asleep during the marathon. Exciting, I know!

On Saturday, I decided to get ahead on a bit of next week's Social Media work, so I spent a few hours searching the internet for information that is pertinent to "what it is that I do" as most people know, when you start "searching the Net", you can get sidetracked very easily! Before you know it you are mulling over a purchase for some designer shoes, stiletto's no less (please see the humor and irony in that as it relates to me), and these shoe's most certainly have no place in your "Dave Ramsey- Live Debt Free" budget! You see where I'm going here?, I was way off track!

I did manage to get back on course and have a good jump-start to this weeks work.

My blog needed attention, so, I decide to post the Awards that some of you have given me, thank you, but I discover that I cannot find the posts that informed me of these Awards! Mortified, I have to then ask these generous Award-givers, "can you please re-direct me to these Awards?" ...and you have done so. Now I will post them, in their own post of course.

As evening rolled around, I realized I hadn't eaten since my "carrot cake meal" on Friday! I had already spent my second round of "15 minutes up" on feeding the animals and letting them out and back in for the night. The mini-fridge next to my bed is in dire need of contains 1 Mike's Hard Lemonade, the infamous (almost gone) bottle of Mudslide that I found a month ago in my kitchen fridge, a block of moldy cheese, and a chocolate flavored Instant Breakfast drink. I'm starving!

Right about now you might be feeling kind-of bad for me....don't :) My girl twin, Chyanne, comes through the front door and says "Mom, are you hungry? I'm starved! Does fresh cracked crab and potato salad sound good?"... to which I reply "Hell yeah! I'll buy!"...and my little angel comes into my room and "snatches" (they learn this skill quickly) my debit card out of my hand and heads out the door to the grocery store for the goods! Here, meet Chy:

Chy makes it home, cracks the crab, comes to my room, has dinner and watched "The 40 Year Old Virgin" with me before she left for a night of fun and "whatever" with her friends. 

I need to take a moment to say this...I'm very fortunate to have the kids I have...we do have our difficulties, but all in all, I'm very blessed with them. All of my children have gone "above and beyond" what most children might experience in life, because of my disability, but, my disability has also provided them with life lessons that will be an asset as they get older and move through life.

My Saturday night continued with a little more excitement. We had wind gusts up to 40+ mph and I was fairly certain the power was going to go out so I made sure I had candles, matches and my flashlights beside the bed. 

I really dislike the high winds! I have a huge, very tall tree, right outside my bedroom...if it comes down, it's coming down on my bedroom! 

I like to think ahead in these "Mother Nature" moments...we've all seen the "raw news" video(s) of people being rescued in a natural disaster and the like...people in their underwear, out of their underwear, partially underwear-ed, you get the picture right? Well, that is not going to be me! Ok, except for when I recently broke my leg...I was in my Spanx, the kind that are capri length, and a tee shirt. I was headed into the pantry, getting ready to make coffee. I've learned my lesson, I will never make coffee in my Spanx again! Fortunately, Chy was here and my "most awesome" neighbor, Sharon (I know, we have the same name, cool huh?) had not left for work yet, so they spared me the shame of having to call the Firemen to come help me, in my Spanx! Shesh...if this isn't a run-on paragraph, I don't know what is...

Ok, so back to the "mother Nature and other Disaster Preparedness" I was talking about. The wind had started gusting last night and I look at my cast, my underwear, my cast, my underwear....I couldn't stand it, I had to get up! I drag my casted and slightly heavy legged-self into my chair for a 3rd time, breaking the Doc's rule, to get my pull-on yoga pants (I don't do yoga), I make my way back across the 4 feet from dresser to bed, haul my butt back out of my chair onto my bed, fold my yoga pants neatly across the back of my wheelchair, smile and say "not tonight Mother Nature, you're not catching me in my Spanx again!" and I happily drifted off to sleep, secure in knowing I wouldn't be caught in an embarrassing rescue. 

Have you noticed yet that I am delusional enough to think that I will be able to put the yoga pants on, cast and all, before I am trapped by the falling tree? That I might somehow hear that the tree is going to fall while I am asleep? Did you notice that I "folded" them and put them "on the back of my wheelchair" instead of putting them on my body and then mocking Mother Nature?!

And I have just shared with you a classic "Sharon Blonde Moment", the weekend is not over, there could be more to write about :)

I hope your Sunday is a great one! I will be back to hand out Awards! Yay!

Take Care~


  1. You nut. I just hope if the tree falls while your yoga pants are folded on your wheelchair that a very handsome one comes to the rescue. *wink*

  2. Can I just say that I totally get what you were thinking and I'm not even blonde. Brunette with auburn/blonde highlights only! That shampoo is going to feel so good you're going to want it to last for an hour.

  3. good thing for you, that tree didn't come down on top of you afterall, with or without your pants on.

  4. You are an optimist! Please don't starve - order Chinese or pizza quick.

  5. lol like your yoga pants are gonna be high on your list of priorities if a tree lands on you! But I totally get where you are coming from! very funny

  6. You are a wonderful nut and I love you already. You just say what you have to say and I love people like that.

    Hope you got your pants on.

    I want to know if you will email me your address - skcz@comcast dot net

    I would like to reply to your comment to me.



  7. Always good to be prepared. Yoga pants might be a little optomistic tho

  8. I would also do this not because I'm blonde but because I would be too lazy to bring myself those four feet... what does that say about me? I would just hope that a cute fireman rescued me ;) I hope that tree doesn't fall on you that would be tragic!

  9. I love your attitude Sharon & it brings a smile to my face when I see that I have a post from you to read. You have problems that would cause others to totally quit and I really admire your ability to lift up others in your discomfort. I hope it goes well for you at the doctor.

  10. Definitely recuperating! When I had a broken elbow one of main thoughts was when I could wash my hair. The grooming priorities were high on my agenda. Valentine wishes!

  11. It's amazing just how quick you would be able to get those yoga pants over the cast and into the chair before the tree hits the house :)

  12. Two days before Thanksgiving 2009, my SUV rolled over me and dislocated and blew out my hip cup. I was not allowed to put weight on it and keep it at 60 degrees until March. I am all fixed. How do you explain the accident to your kids? I sang a song on the phone from the hospital "Grandma got runover by her Bronco"!

  13. I get the biggest kick out of you! You had me at the carrot cake! Hang in there kid!

  14. Bwah ha ha! I'm sorry to hear you're in a cast and somewhat butt bound but I do appreciate the visual of pretty much this entire post. Thanks for the laugh

  15. Just stumbled onto your blog! Sorry to hear about your cast, but you are quite an entertaining writer. Just think of how much material it has given you!