Friday, February 4, 2011

"LOL Award"

I was both shocked and thrilled to log into my blog and find the message from  "Semi True Torystellar" at Can U Relate?  
informing me that she had dug deep, and included me in the list of her "LOL Award" recipients.

We never know when a seemingly simple gesture can make all the difference in someones day...this was one of those gestures. I needed a little pick-me-up, as I was slipping into a small pity party, something I do not like to indulge myself with.

I'm new to the "Award Handouts" so please bear with me. Also, if you are not included in the list, it's only because I followed the rules that limited recipients to a total of 7. So here goes ----->

The rules for this Award are as follows:

Link to the person who awarded you:
Seven unknown facts about yourself:
Award to seven other people -

1. When I was 18 I applied for a job at the Playboy Bunny Club in Dallas, TX., for a cocktail waitress position. Got the job, but chickened out! (my moral compass kicked in)

2. I sold a dress to Lee Harvey Oswald's widow when I worked at a shop in Town East Mall, TX- 1978

3. Bozz Scaggs asked me to snort cocaine with him. I didn't and told him he was a loser! (I know this sounds scuzzy, I wasn't a drug addict...I can't speak for Bozz though)

4. I put a tiny dent in my big sister's Audi when I was 14 years old. (I told my sister about the dent years later)

5. I didn't write my term paper for English my Senior year in High teacher passed me anyway.

6. I want to get my boobs done. (but I won't)

7. I dance in my chair when I'm alone and a good song is playing.

Thank you to "Semi True Torystellar" at Can U Relate? for lifting my spirits with this Award :) Please visit her blog and I'm sure you will be entertained as I was with my very first read!

Now it is my turn to pass this Award on to other Bloggers that I find interesting, entertaining and worth a read by the world at large. So this LOL Award goes to:
Chatty Crone - Funny, Inspirational, Thoughtful and Graciously Southern
This and That (As I Bounce Thru' Life) - "Bouncin' Barb is a jewel. It is apparent from the very first post you read, that she is a giving, caring, loving and very funny lady. I'm thankful I found her!
Tales From A Loser -Belle is absolutely no "loser", please visit her blog and you'l see she has much to offer!
My Life As Jenny!- I laugh just reading her name! She's hilarious- go see.
The Sparkling Diamond - Jennifer is fresh, exciting, funny and you never know what you'll find in her posts!
Even The Nice Ones - Funny, witty, brutally honest and well worth the read.
WHOSYERGURL - Cheryl is sweet, funny and you just know thru her words, she is a good person.

I would continue to hand out this award, but I'm following the rules. I think all my followers deserve to be recipients!

I hope you all have a great day. I'll be back~


  1. Thank you so much Sharon. You're a gem and so glad we met. Love your list.

  2. I will try to do it this weekend - thank you. I am such an open book I wonder if there are 7 things people don't know about me!


  3. Congratulations Sharon. You are so deserving of an award because you are funny and such a positive person. I am new but really enjoying your blog.

  4. Thank you so much Sharon for this award. I really appreciate it! It will take a few days for me to get it done.
    You are so beautiful, I can see why the Playboy Bunny Club hired you. Like you, I can't just sit still when I hear a good song. Gotta move around!

  5. Sharon, Thank you for this award...YOU are the one that is sweet! Hoosier hugs! Cheryl

  6. Congratulations on your award....and don't you think it is about time to tell your sister that you caused the dent?

    First time here and I would like to read more, if I may.

  7. Congrats Sharon on your award, the group of bloggers you passed it along to are a well deserving bunch in my opinion.

    As far as working as a cocktail waitress in the Playboy Bunny club, I think I would have chickened out too :)

  8. Many congratulations on this Award, and I'm glad that it lifted your spirits. Loved reading these seven things about you. The Playboy Bunny Club - waow!

  9. Congrats on the award! I found you on Bouncin' Barb's comments and thought to myself, what a sincerely nice person! Thanks for saying that to BB!

    And, the list! Whew!

  10. Thank you for the follow I appreciate that so much. I am following your blog as well, thanks again,congrats on the award. Blessings jane

  11. Hey now, you sound like my kind of people Sharon! Congrats on your award.

  12. Just wanted to come over and tell you I sure did appreciate your comment today - it felt like a hug and i loved and appreciated it. We will have to share air space some day. Do you put your email out? I'll look on your home page. Mine is skcz at comcast dot net.


  13. Way to go! What a great list! Congratulations from me too for this award and a huge thank you for following my blog. I've enjoyed what I've read here so much that not only have I signed to be your latest follower but I'm now going to get a cup of cocoa (wow!) and read some more of your posts. By the way anyone who likes the ocean and muscle cars is a winner in my book:)
    Great to 'meet you'

  14. This was fun...I know I would have chickened out at the Playboy Club. I waitressed my way through college at a restaurant that didn't serve liquor. I don't think the tips were as large as they could have been, but I was relieved not to have drunks hassling me.

    Ninety-nine per cent of the pictures are mine, but not the ship picture today. Looking forward to your Idaho pictures.

  15. THANK you thank you thank you!'ve got some cool history there....! I'll post mine tomorrow, THANKS!

  16. Congrats,'re awesome and surely deserve an award! I'm just catching up - (been vacationing in Mexico for the last week without my computer so I'm out of touch with everyone!) This morning I started my catching up and been reading up on all I've missed.....but it may take a couple of days.... OMGosh.....thanks a bunch for giving me an award! Now I'm all giggly and warm inside! You made my day! Can't wait to post about my award....and catch up on all I've missed. You're the best! Thanks!

  17. I'll have it up and ready this Thursday - can't think of anything interesting about myself yet! sandie

  18. Hi Everyone~
    Thank you for the "congrats" on the LOL's been fun :)

    I am enjoying all of your comments and I am trying to make it around to everyone's blogs too!

    I know the 7 things I shared about myself are kindof "racy", but it was a very loooong time ago and I'd like to think I've grown up a bit...Oh heck, that's not true! I haven't grown up at all! I can still get in trouble at every turn if I am not careful!

    I think I am in pretty good company with all of you! The diversity makes for some very interesting all make my days better :)

    @Sandie- I know there are many interesting things about you!
    Take Care~